Stone Crushing Equipment

Stone Crushing Equipment

Quarry stone crushing equipment (gravel production line) special equipment is the production of construction, highways, rail sand and stone for the special stone equipment, successfully used in limestone, basalt stone, granite, pebbles and other rock broken processing, broken finished product quality Fully meet the GB14685-2001 standard for highways, railways, water conservancy, concrete mixing stations and other industries to provide a qualified aggregate.

Stone crushing equipments include: jaw crusher (rough broken), impact crusher (fine broken), square box heavy hammer broken, vibration feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor and so on. stone crushing equipment than the traditional sand making machine 50% energy saving. It can be a variety of rocks, gravel, river pebbles made with a variety of grain size and sand of the building sand, sandy grain uniformity, high compressive strength, far more than natural sand, ordinary hammer sand produced sand More in line with building requirements, but also improve the quality of construction.

Stone crushing equipment equipment with reliable performance, reasonable design, easy operation, high efficiency and so on. stone crushing equipment processing capacity of 30-500 tons / hour. According to the customer specifications for stone, production, stone use requirements, to provide customers with the most reasonable and most economical equipment configuration program.

Stone crushing equipment (gravel production line) a high degree of automation, complete sets of production lines in addition to the equipment downtime and routine maintenance, almost no manual operation. Its high production efficiency, low operating costs, large output, high yield, finished grain particle size uniform, grain shape is good, in line with national high-speed materials requirements.

The equipment configuration of the quarry stone crushing equipment is determined by the physical characteristics (water content, mud content, grain size, etc.) of the customer stone field and the requirements of the production and the use of the stone produced by the customer. We provide the pre-sale and sale , After-sales service, based on customer production site to configure the process, and strive for customers to do the most reasonable and most economical production line.

Quarry stone crushing equipment: crushed stone crushing and screening equipment in the process of design, due to all levels of gravel equipment match reasonable, and rigorous space cross layout, so it has a small footprint, high economic efficiency investment, broken Stone quality is good, stone powder output rate is low, at the same time with advanced electronic control operating system to ensure that the entire process out of smooth, reliable operation, easy operation, energy efficient.

Complete sets of stone crushing production line, stone crushing equipment, gravel production line equipment according to different process requirements, with the appropriate model equipment configuration, to play its best performance.

Stone crushing equipment process

First of all, the raw materials from the feeder to the belt conveyor to the square box hammer crusher for crushing, a molding, crushed stone into the vibrating screen sieve three different sizes of stones, stones, super-large stone Block back into the square box heavy hammer crusher, once again broken to form a closed loop many times.

Production performance of stone crushing equipment

The production line of high degree of automation, low operating costs, high rate of broken, energy saving, production, pollution, maintenance is simple, to produce the sand system in line with the national standard sand, uniform size, good grain size, gradation reasonable.