S Cone Crusher

S Series Cone Crusher

S Series Cone Crusher is my company in the foundation of introducing, absorbing foreign technology, according to customer requirements, the modern high performance laminating crushing principle and more crushing and less grinding conceptual design research and development of high swing frequency, optimization of cavity and reasonable development of stroke and crusher based on. Used in the construction of gravel, mechanism of sand production process, especially the hard material crushing basalt, high efficiency, low production cost, and the crushing product grain type, aggregate quality high.

S Series Cone Crusher, which can be widely used in metal and nonmetal ore, cement plant, metallurgical industry, building sand. Suitable for iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, limestone, granite, limestone, sandstone, pebbles. The main structure: S Series Cone Crusher, which is mainly composed of a frame, a fixed cone assembly, dynamic cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl type shaft frame part and a transmission part. The auxiliary part, by the electrical system, oil lubrication system, and the hydraulic cavity cleaning system consisting of. Fixed cone assembly adjusting sleeve, rolling mortar wall etc., dynamic cone assembly mainly comprises a main shaft, a movable cone and the crushing wall etc. transmission part is mainly composed of a big belt wheel, a transmission shaft, a bevel pinion bevel gear and a large bevel gear etc..

Use of S Series Cone Crusher

CS series high efficiency cone crusher, and can be widely used in metal and nonmetal ore, cement plant, metallurgical industry, building sand. Suitable for iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartz rock, Sha Yan and pebbles.

The work principle of S Series Cone Crusher

Machine of CS series of high efficiency cone crusher, by the motor through the belt, a big belt wheel, a transmission shaft, a bevel pinion bevel gear and a large bevel gear drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate, crushing cone axis of the eccentric sleeve of the forced vibration do swings, makes the broken wall surface and surface near and sometimes from rolling mortar wall, ring so that the material composition in the fixed cone and moving cone crushing cavity repeatedly subjected to impact, extrusion and bending and crushing. After several times of extrusion, impact and bending, crushing to the required size, the lower the discharge.

S Cone Crusher

what is the s cone crusher

S cone crusher is a kind of high efficiency spring cone crusher, which widely used in the industries of metallurgy, building material, road construction, chemical engineering & silicate, is suitable for crushing all kings of ores and rocks with hardness of medium or above. This machine features are the high crushing ratio, high efficiency, high handling capacity, low operation cost, easy adjustment and economical operation.

Why cone crusher is crushing machinery industry of choice?

if you want to have large-efficiency crusher, the s cone crusher is surely your first option. On the schedule of many years of spring cone crusher manufacturing expertise, right after numerous rounds of innovation, screening, optimization, our corp presented a new crusher. This series of crusher's efficiency is exceptional and it is large effectiveness. The s crusher gets the very best option in the crushing plant and Screen Company. S sort cone crusher proceeds stably, supportable, and the manufacturing price is reduced.

Framework of cone crusher basically consists of a cone-style mantle describing a conical movement within a cone-shaped bowl. As the mantle rotates, new rocks are accepted in the feeder into the chamber exactly where they are crushed simply because they are nipped in between mantle and bowl. For every one stroke he rocks proceed in the down direction and eventually abandon the crusher in the bottom.

Where can the S Series Cone Crusher?

S series cone crusher is widely used in sectors like design, path developing, ore extraction, and so on, to crush a great deal of sorts of mid-tough or hard rocks and ores just like metal ore, limestone, and many others. The standard types are utilized for intermediate crushing; the method types are utilized for good crushing; as well as the short top types are created use of for extremely slim crushing. Jointly with the advancement of the series of CS series spring cone crusher, their framework is a great deal extra most suitable and the engineering parameter is extra state-of-the-art, so these crushers have extremely all round efficiency within the factors of how to create, set up, use and upkeep and so on.

Technical data

S Series Cone Crusher
Model Movable Cone Diametermm (inch) Chamber Style Opening Side Closed Side Discharging Opening (mm) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Capacity (t/h) Machine Size (mm)
Max.Feeding (mm)
36(3′) 900 (3′) medium 83 102 9-22 580 6-75 Y315S-6/75 45-91 2821×1880 ×2164
coarse 159 175 13-38 59-163
36(3′) 914 (3′) fine 13 41 3-13 580 6-75 Y315S-6/75 27-90 2821×1880 ×2410
medium 33 60 3-16 27-100
coarse 51 76 6-19 65-140
51(4.25′) 1295 (4 1/4′) fine 109 137 13-31 485 6-185 Y355M2-6/185 109-181 2800×2342 ×2668
medium 188 210 16-31 132-253
coarse 216 241 19-51 172-349
51(4.25′) 1295 (4 1/4′) fine 29 64 3-16 485 6-160 Y355M1-6/160 36-163 2800×2342 ×2668
medium 54 89 6-16 82-163
coarse 70 105 10-25 109-227
66(5.5′) 1650 (5 1/2′) fine 188 209 16-38 485 6-240   181-327 3911×2870 ×3771
medium 213 241 22-51   258-417
coarse 241 268 25-64   299-635
66(5.5′) 1650 (5 1/2′) fine 35 70 5-13 485 6-240   90-209 3917×2870 ×3771
medium 54 89 6-19   136-281
coarse 98 133 10-25   190-336
84(7′) 2134 (7′) fine 253 278 19-38 435 6-400   381-726 5200×4300 ×4700
medium 303 334 25-51   608-998
coarse 334 369 31-64   870-1400
84(7′) 2134 (7′) fine 51 105 5-16 435 6-400   190-408 5200×4300 ×4700
medium 95 133 10-19   354-508
coarse 127 178 13-25   454-599