Portable Crusher Plant

Portable Crusher Plant

Portable crusher plant is a technically mature, advanced process of crusher type, in many cases, can completely replace a complete broken production line, is broken, sand, feeding, screening, transportation and other systems together , With a light weight, small size, easy transportation, wide range of adaptations, saving fuel, low cost, reasonable design and other characteristics in the industry is also very popular.

Introduction and Application of Portable Crusher Plant

Portable crusher plant is a series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment developed in close proximity to the concept of materials. The use of tire-type mobile, high chassis, turning radius is small, easy to drive in the ordinary road, but also in the rugged road environment. Can provide flexible space for the broken operation, the material on-site broken, greatly reducing the cost of transport of materials.

Portable crusher plant is a highly efficient crushing equipment, using self-drive, advanced technology, full-featured. It has excellent station mobility and site adaptability. It does not need to install all kinds of equipment before installation in place. It can finish the station adjustment in a short time and enter the working condition at any time. Can reduce the handling of materials, and facilitate the coordination of mechanical equipment. By means of wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily opened to the trailer and transported to the workplace.

The following is the specific use of portable crusher plant

  • 1, can be multi-functional operations.
  • 2, widely used in mining, coal, cement industry, the excavation site of the hard material rough.
  • 3, the construction waste recycling, earth and stone works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other venues.
  • 4, the treatment of surface soil and a variety of other materials; separation of cohesive aggregate; construction and blasting industry; crushing and screening.
  • 5, cement concrete road stripping broken, asphalt concrete material before the break.

Analysis on the Factors Influencing the Price of Portable Crusher Plant

  • 1, equipment configuration
    As we all know, the device is not a separate individual, but by a number of systems together, including crushing, screening, transportation, feeding systems, these systems are equipped with different levels, the price will naturally be different, the higher the level , The more expensive the price, the composition of the equipment quality is better, later use will be more smoothly, the economic benefits are more significant.
  • 2, the production process
    Crushing station production process will also affect the equipment prices, the process more mature, then the equipment in the manufacturing process will reduce the cost of waste, the price will be more reasonable; the other hand, if the technology is not superb, mature, then in the The production of this equipment, investment process, will cause some waste of the phenomenon, of course, the price will be higher.
  • 3, manufacturers choose
    Customers in the purchase of equipment, the choice for the manufacturers is also very important, if the choice of small manufacturers, then its ability is limited, the strength is weak, the equipment quality is more general, even if the price will be cheaper, but the quality of equipment, services can not be guaranteed; , Large manufacturers of equipment quality, performance and more secure, the use of high value, so the price will be high, but we should always believe that a price, a sub-quality of this truth.
  • 4, market competition
    Market competition is also caused by the price of portable crusher plant, one of the reasons, the more manufacturers, the greater the competition between the enterprises in order to attract more customers, will take the temptation of low prices, then the equipment at this time the price will be cheaper ; The other hand, less manufacturers, the market will appear in short supply phenomenon, then the price of broken stations will be slightly higher.

Portable crusher plant noise muffler, is the best noise absorption system, compact and flexible equipment, more to meet the inter-city construction waste crushing operations. With an effective dust removal system, suitable diesel engine noise discharge conditions, the release system can remotely control the hydraulic exclusion barrier, pre-screening device greatly improve the crushing efficiency. In short, the portable crusher plant is the customer's choice.