Ore Milling Equipment

he effect of reclaiming ratio and grading efficiency in grinding cycle

The grading efficiency and the ratio of return to sand in the closed-circuit grinding cycle have a great influence on the production capacity of the ore milling equipment and the quality of the grinding products: the higher the grading efficiency or the return sand ratio, the greater the production capacity of the ore milling equipment The less the powder is. At present, the grading efficiency of concentrator is generally 40% ~ 60%, and the return of sand in the closed circuit is better than 200% ~ 350%.

The effect of ore feed speed

The ore feed rate is the amount of ore that is given to the ore milling equipment per unit of time. To the ore speed is too low, the ore is insufficient, the ore milling equipment will occur in the media liner lining, wear and tear, the product over crushing serious; to the ore too fast, too much ore, the ore milling equipment will be overloaded, The emergence of the discharge of steel balls, spit out large ore blocks and pouring pulp and other conditions, grinding process was destroyed.

Reasonable selection of grinding process

In the case of full understanding of the nature of the ore, the rational choice of grinding process is critical. As we all know, open grinding without product size control equipment, ore milling equipment is not coarse is fine, so open grinding will cause grinding is not serious phenomenon, resulting in low productivity. If the sieve and ore milling equipment closed-circuit, by the sieve control grinding products, so that the selection of the selected particle size are qualified materials, so that there will be no grinding phenomenon. And because the power consumption of the underground mine milling equipment does not increase, the power consumption per unit of product is correspondingly reduced, so the closed-circuit grinding can increase the ore milling equipment productivity. So from the increase in ore milling equipment productivity and energy saving considerations, should also be open grinding mine to closed-circuit grinding. On the other hand, from the process point of view, grinding operations and the follow-up sorting operations often together with the analysis, a lot of ore often need stage grinding, stage selection, and then re-election. For example, a rutile grade is low, embedded grain size is fine, is difficult to choose fine grain rutile ore. Through the system of mineral processing test to determine the use of grinding - flotation throwing tail - re-election - re-grinding acid leaching - flotation process.

Ore milling equipment and equipment

The grinding is carried out in ore milling equipment. The structure of the ore milling equipment (including its type, diameter, length, and liner shape) has a significant effect on the grinding effect.

Types of ore milling equipment

Different types of ore milling equipment in addition to the plant to be placed in accordance with the location of space, a reasonable economic comparison, the ore grinding efficiency can not be ignored. For different types of different nature of the ore in the beginning of the plant design should take into account the characteristics of the mine grinding. For example, for easy smashing of ore should be considered the use of bar ore milling equipment. Large-scale plants can be considered the use of self-ore milling equipment, as well as self-grinding and gravel ore milling equipment used in conjunction; studies have shown that the surrounding discharge rod ore milling equipment and the central row of bar ore milling equipment, when the ore milling equipment specifications And to the ore discharge size are the same, not only high production capacity, and grinding products evenly, the recovery rate and concentrate grade are high. So in the thick Grinding in general with the surrounding row of bar ore milling equipment to replace the center row of bar ore milling equipment. If these problems are taken into account at the outset, it will be helpful to improve the management costs and improve the efficiency of the ore milling equipment and the economic benefits of the plant.

The diameter and length of the ore milling equipment

Ore milling equipment diameter directly determines the size of the material received by the ball charge and the impact of falling ball. The greater the diameter, the greater the pressure and impact of the ore particles by the grinding medium, the higher the working efficiency of the ore milling equipment.

The length of the ore milling equipment, together with the diameter, determines the volume of the ore milling equipment, which also determines its production capacity. In general, the greater the effective volume of the ball ore milling equipment, not only its processing capacity increases, and its utilization factor is also high. The same diameter of the ball milling equipment, such as the length of the increase in its productivity is proportional to the increase. However, when the cylinder is too long, the time for the ore to be ground is too long, resulting in smashing and a decrease in the unit volume of the ball ore milling unit. Therefore, in the production of appropriate large diameter and larger volume of the ball milling equipment, in the technical and economic is reasonable.

The length of the ore milling equipment also affects the fineness of the grinding product. When the ore quantity is constant, the longer the length of the ore milling equipment, the longer the residence time of the ore in the cylinder, the finer the grain size of the grinding product.

Ore milling equipment for liners

As the outside of the energy is passed through the cylinder liner to the grinding medium, so that produce grinding in accordance with the requirements of the state of motion, so the shape and material of the liner on the ore milling equipment, work efficiency, energy consumption and steel consumption Have a great impact. The productivity of the undulating liner is greater than that of the smooth liner, but the fineness of the undulating liner is slightly worse than that of the smooth liner. So the undulating liner for the first paragraph of grinding, smooth liner for the second paragraph of grinding. The use of too thick liners reduces the effective volume of ore milling equipment and reduces the productivity of ore milling equipment. After the liner is worn, the diameter of the ore milling equipment increases. At this time the ball filling rate will appear to be low, so that productivity is reduced, should be appropriate increase in the amount of ball, loading the ball to increase productivity also increased. The material of the liner also affects the amount of ore treated and the fineness of the product. If the liner material manganese content is small, it is soft and not wear, but also to a certain extent, the impact of steel ball on the impact of ore and abrasive.