Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste Crusher

In the national economic construction, the old building demolition process, will inevitably produce a large number of reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete reinforcement can be recycled, concrete crushing, the same can be recycled, reinforced concrete crushing process and mechanical equipment has become a national social development level and comprehensive strength of the important indicators. China's economy is in a period of rapid development, infrastructure construction has become the most important way of domestic investment. Therefore, cement as one of the most important raw materials, must also be in the expansion stage of cement production process, most of the raw materials to be crushed, such as limestone, clay, iron ore, coal and so on. Limestone is the largest raw material for the production of cement, the larger the particle size after mining, the higher the hardness, so the construction waste crushing in the cement plant material crushing occupies a more important position.

Crushing process is more economical than the grinding process, a reasonable choice of crushing equipment is very important, the material into the mill before, as much as possible large material broken to uniform, fine particle size, in order to reduce the load of grinding equipment to improve mill production, but also Is conducive to the homogenization of materials to improve the accuracy of ingredients. Construction waste crusher types include: jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, rotary crusher, composite crusher and so on.

The impact crusher consists of four parts: the rotor, the cover, the base and the back frame. The cover is a shell of the crusher and is an integral part of the internal structure. The inner lining of the cover is the size and broken The efficiency of the machine plays a vital role. The design of the cover requires both the aesthetic appearance and the practicality. A machine design is too complicated to cause the processing process to be complicated, the manufacturing cost is rising, too bloated, and it can cause the transportation difficulties and increase the manufacturing cost. I focus on the design process in the functional, saving materials, body light, generous aspects of several aspects, especially the selection of materials, the choice of materials to both economic and durability.

Application of Construction Waste Crusher

The crusher in the construction waste crusher is mainly used in the production and mining of cement and mining. This type of equipment crushing ability, high production efficiency, through the high-power three-phase motor drive V pulley to achieve high-speed rotation of the rotor, which drives the rotor on the panel hammer high-speed rotation, which poured into the cavity of the material for high-speed crushing The The equipment is running smoothly, broken ability, according to different materials to choose a different speed to break, is the cement production, mining mining preferred equipment.

The characteristics of various construction waste crusher

Now there are a wide variety of crushing equipment used in industry, and there are many kinds of classification methods. Construction waste crusher equipment according to the working principle and structural characteristics are divided into: jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, crusher and grinding machine.

  • 1, jaw crusher crushing work is by moving the jaw plate periodically to the fixed jaw plate, will be caught in the two jaws between the material crushed. According to the moving jaw movement trajectory, can be divided into simple pendulum jaw crusher and complex swing jaw crusher. Jaw crusher commonly known as "tiger mouth", is one of the long history of crusher, is still the most effective equipment to break the hard material.
  • 2, Cone Crusher Cone Crusher is by means of the swing of the conical surface, the cycle close to the fixed cone, so that the two tapered products in the material by the extrusion and bending and broken. It can be divided into crusher crushers for crushing and crater for crushing.
  • 3, roller crusher roller crusher part of the work is two relatively rotating roller. The surface of the roller can be teeth, called the tooth roller crusher. It is divided into the same broken split broken broken, according to the number of roller can be divided into single-tooth roller, double-tooth roller and multi-tooth roller broken crusher.
  • 4, impact crusher hammer crusher and impact crusher are impact crusher. This crusher has a high-speed rotating rotor with an impact hammer. When the material enters the crusher, it is crushed by a high-speed rotating hammer or obtained from a high-speed rotating rotor. Of the hard board and was crushed.
  • 5, the attritor The mill is a hollow cylinder with hollow journal at both ends. The material enters from one end of the cylinder and the product is discharged from the other end. The cylinder is equipped with a grinding medium (steel ball, steel bar or gravel), according to the different grinding media, grinding machine is divided into ball mill, bar mill or gravel mill. When the cylinder rotation to the media to a certain height and fall, the impact of material and abrasive stripping, so that the material crushed.

Development direction of counterattack crusher based on construction waste

Throughout the development of the crusher, the history of the impact crusher can be traced back to the 1850s, when the world's first jaw crusher was born in the United States, with the development of productive forces, and soon after the jaw crusher Has been unable to meet the needs of crushing technology, so, on the basis of the jaw crusher, people have designed a counterattack crusher. In recent years, China's counterattack broken stone machine overall situation, the development prospects can be described as very broad, in general, the future development of domestic and international counterattack crusher mainly in the following areas:

  • 1, the need to improve the structure of the existing impact crusher to improve the impact of the crusher on the crushing capacity of the hard ore and equipment maintenance convenience, which is mainly concentrated in the plate hammer, the rotor structure to improve the plate hammer Of the replacement and loading card; counter frame (broken cavity) structure optimization, improve the ore a broken rate and energy utilization.
  • 2, the application of modern mechatronics technology and modern control methods (such as hydraulic technology, electronic technology), and constantly improve the degree of automation of the impact crusher to reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve productivity. For example: the application of modern computer-aided design to optimize the structure parameters of the counter, improve the energy utilization and ore a break rate.
  • 3, in order to meet the needs of the market and customers, counter-crusher is a series of standardized, large-scale development.
  • 4, adhere to technological innovation, and gradually get rid of the product of a single introduction and imitation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Building Construction Waste Crusher

Advantages of construction waste crusher

  • ⑴, simple structure, compact size, full use of energy, simplify the production process, the unit product power consumption, production capacity.
  • ⑵, high productivity, crushing ratio (single rotor crushing ratio up to i = 10 ~ 15), the product size is small and uniform, can be selectively broken, large pieces of material subject to a greater degree of crushing, and small pieces of material It will not be smashed smaller.
  • ⑶, in the same feed size and production capacity of the conditions, the quality coefficient is much larger than other crushers.
  • ⑷, the speed of the rotor affect the product size.
  • ⑸, manufacturing and maintenance convenience, the studio no significant imbalance vibration, without cumbersome basis.

Disadvantages of construction waste crusher

  • ⑴, not set under the bar of the impact crusher can not control the product size, while difficult to produce a single particle size of the product, a small amount of production in large pieces.
  • ⑵, for coarse and stand-alone crushing, the need to strictly control the maximum feed size.
  • ⑶, anti-blocking performance is poor, not suitable for crushing plastic and sticky material, broken in the hard material, the plate hammer and after the fight against the larger wear, the operation of the larger noise, resulting in dust.