LL Spiral Chute

LL Spiral Chute

Spiral chute belongs to a kind of mineral processing equipment of gravity concentration technology equipment, LL--1200 glass steel spiral chute concentrator is according to the national "seven five" key project, Gongyi Kaiyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd and Beijing mining and Metallurgy Research Institute jointly developed a success, 89 years in December by ministry level appraisal: the structure of the machine is novel, choose don't index, production index has reached the international advanced level, to fill a gap in our country. Won the provincial and municipal prize of scientific and technological achievements.

The factory production of the ore dressing equipment series launder machine is an ideal processing equipment, nonferrous metal and ferrous metal and all the needs of the separating materials of industrial and mining enterprises. Is the scientific research institutions, colleges and universities laboratory assistant Oh, LL1200 type spiral concentrator for mineral processing business of our country make a great contribution.

Beneficiation principles

The LL - 1200 type spiral concentrator, the chute section by three in one composite curve is original in domestic, greatly improve the throughput per unit. The mineral processing equipment principle is to use the principle of fluid mechanics, according to the different proportion of useful minerals and gangue minerals, grain size and shape, the force of gravity, in the water flow in the centrifugal force, water power and friction of different, to realize the separation of useful minerals and gangue.

The mineral processing equipment structure

  • 1, Feeding box;
  • 2, Chute blades;
  • 3, Interception, discharging box;
  • 4, The bracket is composed of five parts;
  • 5, Each Tai tou number can be made according to user requirements.

Technical data

LL Spiral Chute
Model LL-2000 LL-1500 LL-1200 LL-900 LL-600
External Diameter(mm) 2000 1500 1200 900 600
Pitch(mm) 1200 720,540 720,540 540,405 450,360
Cross Dip(°)
Spiral Quantity 1~3 1~4 1~4 1~4 1~3
Max turns of Spiral 4 5 5 5 5
Feed Size(mm) 4-0.04 0.8-0.037 0.3-0.03 0.3-0.03 0.2-0.02
Feed Density (%) 20-45 25-50 25-55 25-55 25-55
Capacity(t/h) 15-40 6-8 4-6 2-3 0.8-1.2
Overall Dimension Length(mm) 2300 1560 1360 1060 700
Width(mm) 2300 1560 1360 1060 700
Height(mm) 6500 5230、4360 5230、4360 4000、3325 2600、2150
Weight(kg) 1350 800 600 400 150
Notes:1. The above technical parameters calculated based on max spiral quantity and max pitch. Specific data is subject to actual machine. 2. The feed concentration (percentage) is not absolute amount. 3. Spiral chute is different from screw pitch and the total height of corresponding spiral chute is also different.