CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separator

CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separator

CTL Series Dry Magnetic Separators are very simple when it comes to structures. They are able to be simply put in on the head of belt conveyors. They can also do the job as dry magnetic separation machines. They are really largely applied in largely separating low-grade ores to enhance raw ore grade for feeding mills and to reduce costs for ore separation. They are also suitable for de-ironing non-metallic supplies.

Magnetic separation equipment (separator) mainly use

Dry magnetic separator magnetic separation machinery for dry magnetic separation of minerals, relative to the wet magnetic separator for separating minerals are used as diluent liquid to improve the sorting efficiency, dry magnetic separator requires selected mineral drying, particles can be freely moved into an independent, free state, otherwise it will affect the separation effect, even this will result in no sorting consequences. According to the different mineral magnetic rate, abide by maximizing recycling concept, adopts high performance magnetic material, using magnetic design principle of poly most professional, reached currently the most ideal separation effect, can effectively reduce production costs for enterprises, reduce consumption, maximize the economic benefits of increased mineral processing plant. TNG tube type high magnetic series of dry magnetic separator cylinder surface magnetic field intensity, magnetic system deep large wrap angle, the magnetic field strength is stable, stable and reliable transmission system, improve the grade of ore into the mill.

Technical data

Dry Magnetic Separatordry
Model Roller Size DxL (mm) Speed (r/min) Capacity (T/h) Overall Dimension LxWxd (mm) Power (kw) Weight (t)
CTL-0816 800x1600 0-63 35-55 3053x1295x1671 7.5 2.75
CTL-0818 800x1800 0-63 55-70 3266x1295x1671 11 3.30
CTL-0821 800x2100 0-63 70-85 3936x1295x1671 15 3.90
CTL-0824 800x2400 0-63 85-100 4235x1295x1671 18.5 4.45
CTL-1021 1050x2100 0-50 100-130 4030x1545x2046 18.5 4.80
CTL-1021 1050x2100 0-50 100-130 4150x1545x1850 18.5 4.68
CTL-1224 1200x2400 0-50 115-150 4720x1545x1850 22 5.18
Note: The magnetic strength should be determined in accordance with the nature of the ore. CTL Series Dry separator can be customer-made.