CT Series Wet Magnetic Separator

CT Series Wet Magnetic Separator

The wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials R & D and production of magnetic separation machine of Shanghai Zenith applied to particle size below 3mm, also for iron removing operation of coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials. Magnetic separator, the use of high-quality ferrite material and rare earth permanent magnet compound and into, the drum surface of the average magnetic induction strength is 100 ~ 600mT. According to user needs, more can provide downstream, half counter current, counter current type different forms strong magnetic separator. This product has the advantages of simple structure, large amount of processing advantages, convenient operation, easy maintenance etc.. The wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials applied to particle size below 3mm.

The structure characteristics of the magnetic separator

Wet type drum permanent magnetic separator is mainly composed of a cylinder body, a magnetic system, composed of four parts, transmission parts. Cylinder by 2-3mm stainless steel plate roll welded tube, cover for aluminum parts, connected with the stainless steel screw and barrel. Motor through reducer, drive cylinder for rotary movement. Magnetic system for open type magnetic system is installed in the cylinder. The magnetic block with stainless steel bolt is arranged on the bottom of the magnetic yoke, the yoke shaft extends out of the cylinder, the end of the shaft is fixed with a crank arm. Pulling the crank arm can adjust the magnetic system angle, adjust the appropriate can be used after the pull rod fixation. The work area trough for manufacturing stainless steel plate with ordinary steel welding frame and other parts of body.

Technical data

CT Wet Magnetic Separator
Model Roller Size DxL (mm) Speed (r/min) Capacity (T/h) Overall Dimension LxWxd (mm) Power (kw) Weight (t)
CT(S/N/B)-712 750x1200 35 10-15 2330x1770x1280 3 1.85
CT(S/N/B)-718 750x1800 35 20-35 2930x1770x1280 3 2.43
CT(S/N/B)-918 900x1800 28 25-40 3095x1769x1465 4 2.75
CT(S/N/B)-924 900x2400 28 40-55 3695x1769x1465 4 3.65
CT(S/N/B)-1018 1050x1800 22 45-60 3115x1999x1565 5.5 3.6
CT(S/N/B)-1021 1050x2100 22 52-70 3415x1999x1565 5.5 4.2
CT(S/N/B)-1024 1050x2400 22 60-80 3715x1999x1565 5.5 4.8
CT(S/N/B)-1030 1050x3000 22 80-120 4315x1999x1565 7.5 6.26
CT(S/N/B)-1218 1200x1800 19 60-75 3150x2300x1920 7.5 5.85
CT(S/N/B)-1224 1200x2400 19 80-110 3750x2300x1920 7.5 6.97
CT(S/N/B)-1230 1200x3000 19 100-140 4350x2300x1920 7.5 8.5
CT(S/N/B)-1545 1500x4500 14 160-220 6050x2700x2300 15 15
Note: The magnetic strength should be determined in accordance with the nature of the ore. CT series wet magnetic separator can be customer-made.