Copper concentrate frozen block crushing process and equipment

Time: 2017-11-09

With the development of industry, domestic copper smelter copper resources can not meet the demand, many copper smelting enterprises to go abroad to purchase raw material to produce copper concentrates. However, when the northern winter business receipt, frozen into a block of copper concentrate will need to break in order to use, requiring the crusher to help.

Causes of frozen blocks of copper concentrate

The company's copper concentrate raw materials mainly from Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China's Xinjiang, Qinghai and other places. Whenever winter, the domestic copper concentrate shipped almost frozen into a block of raw materials.

Crusher Machine

Crushing process copper concentrate frozen blocks

Scrapers for use frozen block of copper concentrate (≤1000mm) RCC crushing, crushing block after freezing (500mm) by grab crane to the upper hopper feeder, frozen blocks of feeder into the crusher chronology, reaching crushed product size requirements (30mm) from the lower body of discharge chute into the bin, and then use copper concentrate grab crane to be crushed into the # 2 disc feeder, and finally by a # band conveyor to the subsequent production processes.

Major equipment crushing frozen blocks of copper concentrate

Frozen blocks broken system includes feeding equipment and crushing equipment.

(1) feeding equipment. After scraper copper concentrate after crushing frozen block size 500mm, to meet the size of the feed conveyor belt conveyor equipment and feeder. Conveyor maximum feed size may exceed 1000mm, suitable for mud, high moisture bulk materials, and other equipment compared to discharge its structure is more complex, since the major equipment, expensive. Feeder simple structure, easy operation, no lubrication, small power consumption, uniform feeding, but not for viscous, higher moisture powder materials, size 500mm or less is generally used for bulk materials nesting.

Frozen blocks of copper concentrate in the role of scrapers occurs only simple physical fragmentation, its shape is still basically freeze bulk materials, sticky problem does not exist. Combination of the two devices to the performance characteristics of the material, frozen block broken system feeding equipment should be selected feeder.

(2) crushing equipment. Frozen blocks of copper concentrate minerals are fragile, broken equipment to deal with the use of frozen blocks of copper concentrate first time, non-production instances can refer, for further comparison of various types of crusher selection. Technical performance and characteristics of various types of crushers are different. Copper concentrate to be crushing frozen block size 500mm, can be broken, good follow-up process requires final crushed product size 30mm, therefore, frozen blocks crusher crushing system should be used in crushing ratio of ore milling equipment. Crushing impact crusher and hammer crusher is relatively large, copper concentrate frozen blocks broken more appropriate. However, the overall performance of the crusher hammer crusher compared superior, can be completed in two fine crushing operations tasks, has been widely used in the coal and non-metallic mining crushing operations.