Casting of crusher hammer casting

Time: 2017-11-08

Crusher hammer crusher is an important component parts, in the crushing process to endure great impact load, so the quality of the casting of very strict requirements, but the production of crusher hammer casting difficulty quite high.

Crusher Machine

The process difficulty of crusher hammer

1, the crusher front end casting as case castings, thin wall casting is easy to produce cold shut, poured is insufficient, the surface quality is not good control.

2, crusher hammer casting of the hot spot is more, the heat joints are easy to produce the shrinkage defect.

3, the casting must after ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection, quality requirements are high, the liquid steel inner quality is better, the manufacturing process to be scientific and reasonable.

4, the crusher cavity 4 elliptical hole at the front end of the hot section is large, easy to produce the phenomenon of sand.

Casting process design of crusher hammer

1, the pouring position and type of identification
Using flat pouring scheme, two out of the box shape. Determine the face location in six circular shaft center, parting surface above the upper box part, the lower part is under the box part.

2, to determine the process parameters
The scale. Taking into account the crusher for front end casting box, vulnerable during solidification casting mechanical obstruction, so choose model scale 1.8%.

The finishing allowance. Because of the large size of casting, to improve the machining precision of surface machining allowance, set on the surface of 18mm, the machining allowance below and lateral to the 15mm.The sub type of negative numbers. Type negative for 3mm, is under the symmetric distribution box.

3, gating system
Considering the thickness of the casting is thin, the casting quality requirements are relatively high, in order to prevent the casting misrun and appears on the surface of cold lap, we design the open type bottom anti gating system.