Best of mill production and processing factories

Time: 2017-11-06

Ball is the concentrator will use the equipment, ball skill level determines the dressing effect, so users do not only in the choice of ball mill cheap, production and processing levels should place greater value and technical content of the ball mill, Shanghai Zenith after thirty years of continuous exploration and practice, study design and technology are impeccable quality ball is the best manufacturers and processing mill. Structural characteristics of Shanghai Zenith ball follows.

ball mill

The basic structure of the ball mill

The ball mill is a horizontal cylinder of a hollow cylinder, a ball mill in order to facilitate maintenance, there are two symmetrical cylinder on a manhole, the manhole lid seal with the lid fastened using screws. Both ends of the cylinder are expected out of the hollow shaft with end caps at both ends welded flange cover. The cylinder is made of steel mill, steel liner staggered in the cylinder body, cylinder grinding media is also equipped with a steel ball, steel sections, steel bars, etc., can provide the type of ball mill grinding according to user needs, material, size and quantity.

Ten structural characteristics of Shanghai Zenith mill

1, alkali resistant rubber pad between the plates of the mill liners and cylinder, one can reduce the ball on the barrel of a huge impact, on the other hand helps liner and cylinder wall of tightly co.

2, the ball nut below are pad ring and cone washers, the material from the screw holes to avoid overflow, resulting in waste and pollution.

3, the interior is lined plate mill, ball mill, both play a role in protecting the main components, but also to enhance the media plays a role.

4, ball mill cylinder body and bolt holes compartment liner board mill liners are based on the size of equidistance settings.

5, manhole barrel on the open positions in the central position of each ball, and along the cylinder liner bus to stagger, which is more convenient to adjust the position of board positions, the strength of the cylinder mill is guaranteed, overhaul ball, more convenient loading and unloading of grinding media some.

6, the drive system uses helical gears meshing driven by solid joint engagement ring gear bolts on the cylinder and two pinions, pinion low-speed synchronous motor drive, the power transmitted from the motor on the cylinder. Also equipped with gear guard, to prevent dust pollution gear.

7, a ball mill using grease lubrication system to ensure lubrication of the main components, in particular the lubrication of the bearing well, does not require frequent replacement of oil added.

8, to change the traditional single-edge drive transmission mode, using bilateral gear transmission, motor output power can be doubled, more efficient operation.

9, the conventional hydrodynamic bearing into hybrid bearing, low voltage normally-open, high-pressure start to open, greatly improve the transmission efficiency.

10, the use of advanced PLC centralized control to control the electrical parts, lubrication station, the main motor, slow drivers, main bearing temperature measurement devices, starter interlock logic components.