Ball mill gear manufacturing

Time: 2017-11-03

The world's energy is limited, but the development is wireless, with the increasingly rapid pace of development, energy shortage has become the dilemma facing the world. In order to actively fully improve the effective utilization of energy, manufacturing mill specifications also towards the direction of large-scale development.

In recent years, the development of gear machining technology changes and dual drive motor technology has accelerated the mills large-scale process, compared with ring motor, double drive motor control is relatively simple and reliable technology ensures that the two sets of small gear load sharing coefficient is less than 2%, large gear transmission system also makes double pinion drive successfully application in a large mill. At present, driven by the Machinery Co., Ltd. design and manufacture and double pinion in the works of large mining mill mainly include: 11.0m * 5.4m, 2 * 6343kW double drive semi autogenous grinding mill and 7.9m * 13.6m, 2 * 8500kW double drive ball mill, 10.37m * 5.19m, 2 * 5586kW double drive semi autogenous grinding mill and 7.32m * 10.68m double drive, 2 * 5586kW ball mill.The following details about the manufacture of gear strength.

ball mill

Gear machining equipment

The main gear processing machine related: heavy 12M, 16m vertical lathe; 5m, 8m, 10m and 16m gear hobbing machine, comb tenoning machine, 12M, 2.8m and 5.0m gear grinding cluster; heavy 6m * 18m sleeper; large heat treatment furnace, carburizing furnace; heat processing furnace hydraulic unit with 80t, 18500t, 8400t water press group and the 3000t hydraulic unit, with 600t of large castings and forgings 400t large capacity.

Gear manufacturing

Analysis of large gear casting, the main purpose is to optimize the casting and solidification process, reduce the casting defects. Pouring the riser with annular riser, by using this method the actual need of metal casting steel capacity is 2.5 times the net weight of the annular gear. Are manufactured by advanced manufacturing technology, the small gear and the gear shaft adopts the integral structure of forging, steel ingot casting by arc smelting, ladle refining, vacuum degassing and vacuum casting. Forged by the ASTM standard, the use of ultrasonic inspection of forging, the processing after the completion of the small gear tooth profile modification, ensure that the decrease of bearing the actual application uniformity and contact stress.

Using arc smelting, pouring molten steel ladle refining and argon atmosphere, using full annular riser technology, and application of simulation program to determine the solidification process of appropriate size, determine the appropriate gate, inclination, riser, improving casting quality, reduce defects and reduce the cost. The big gear on CNC high precision processing furnace annealing or normalizing, can guarantee the uniform heating furnace, thermal insulation, cooling. We adopt high quality alloy steel and advanced heat treatment process, to achieve the design specified hardness requirements; gear processing with the margin of excision, within the workpiece will release of stress. Can arrange multiple open to process, to eliminate the stress influence. In the gear processing after the completion of all, apart the test, to ensure that the valve gear (ring) repeat connection accuracy.

The structure characteristics of the mechanical gear

Gear is a bevel gear, compared with the straight tooth, has high bearing capacity, smooth running, small noise. The big gear is two (or four, six valve flap valve) split structure, tooth width according to the transmission power can be used T or Y shaped structure, to ensure good stiffness of gear. The big gear flange sides of processing, can be matched with the cylinder flange. The small gear wheel and the shaft is integrally forged structure, both ends of the shaft are symmetric design, can meet the U-turn negative use.